影视配乐音源 Celtic ERA v1.0.1

影视配乐音源 Celtic ERA v1.0.1
影视配乐音源 Celtic ERA v1.0.1 ,Celtic ERA – 当高地的德鲁伊要求与 Celtic ERA 共舞时,Eduardo Tarilonte 再次带您进入一段迷人的时光之旅。这一次,他向北旅行到凯尔特文化的根源。这些声音已经在爱尔兰的绿色广袤和高山中播放了很长时间,现在可以通过 Celtic ERA 触手可及。

在创建了 Ancient ERA Persia、Forest Kingdom、Desert Winds、Epic World 和 ERA Medieval Legends 等成功的图书馆之后,样本策划人 Eduardo Tarilonte 致力于研究北欧神话的声音。

每当听到明确无误的长笛时,它们就会用绿色岛屿及其雄伟的北欧山脉的图片神奇地迷住我们的梦想。因此,Celtic ERA 是该地区正在发生或正在定居的电视纪录片的电影配乐和背景音乐的首选。无论是历史背景还是虚构背景,Celtic ERA 的真实声音都将把图片的力量提升到一个新的水平。


– 18 GB 的大型库,包含超过 18,000 个样本

– 23 种风、弦和打击乐器,细节完整且质量完美

– 青铜时代的另外三种乐器:Cranyx、Cornu 和 War Horns

– 所有乐器精心制作的多重采样(24 位/ 44,1 kHz),具有多个动态刻度、各种发音、循环和真实连奏采样以及专用滑音采样

– 使用选定的 Kahayan U47 麦克风录制到同一制造商的前置放大器中

– 所有乐器都有由爱尔兰音乐界的一流音乐家演奏

– 包括作为 MIDI 模式的真实乐句以及鼓舞人心的音景

Celtic ERA的乐器

,Eduardo Tarilonte 已经记录了 23 种风、弦和打击乐器的完整细节和完美的品质。寻找朗朗上口的长笛、梦幻般的竖琴、著名的 Uilleann Pipes 和不可或缺的 Bodhran 鼓。为了获得更大的多样性,一些声音是通过录制两种不同的同类乐器来创建的。例如,这使您可以使用不同的发声乐器演奏竖琴二重奏。

此外,真实的乐句被录制为 MIDI 模式以及鼓舞人心的音景。自然地,这些乐器以所有典型的发音方式提供,并增加了真正的连奏功能。


Team R2R keygen 的密钥包含在库文件中。


Celtic ERA – when druids of the Highlands ask for a dance

With Celtic ERA, Eduardo Tarilonte once again takes you to a fascinating journey through time. This time, he travels far north to the roots of the Celtic culture. These sounds have been played in the green vastness and the high mountains of Ireland for ages and are now available at your fingertips with Celtic ERA.

After creating successful libraries such as Ancient ERA Persia, Forest Kingdom, Desert Winds, Epic World and ERA Medieval Legends, sample-mastermind Eduardo Tarilonte has dedicated himself to the sound of Nordic myths.

Whenever the unmistakable flutes are heard, they’ll magically enchant our dreaming minds with pictures of the green island and its majestic Nordic mountains. Hence, Celtic ERA is the pick of the bunch for film-scores and background music for television documentaries taking place or being settled in this region. Whether historical or fictional background, the authentic sounds of Celtic ERA will raise the power of the pictures to a new level.

Features Overview

– 18-GB-heavy library with more than 18,000 samples

– 23 wind-, string- and percussion-instruments in full detail and with immaculate quality

– three additional instruments from the Bronze Age: Cranyx, Cornu and War Horns

– All instruments are elaborated multisamples (24 bit/ 44,1 kHz) with several dynamic graduations, various articulations, round robin and real legato samples as well as dedicated glissando samples

– Recorded using selected Kahayan U47-microphones into preamplifiers by the same manufacturer

– All instruments have been played by superb musicians of the Irish music scene

– Including authentic phrases as MIDI-patterns as well as inspiring soundscapes

The Instruments

For Celtic ERA, Eduardo Tarilonte has recorded 23 wind-, string- and percussion-instruments in full detail and with immaculate quality. Find catchy flutes, dreamy harps, the famous Uilleann Pipes and the indispensable Bodhran drums. To achieve an even greater variety, some sounds were created by recording two different instruments of the same kind. This allows you for example to play a harp duet with different sounding instruments.

In addition, authentic phrases were recorded as MIDI-patterns as well as inspiring soundscapes. Naturally, the instruments are offered in all of their typical articulations with an added true legato function.

Important Notice:

The key for Team R2R keygen is included in the library files.

Use a file “Celtic_ERA.r2rytelc” to generate a respnonse code.


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